Compelling Case Studies with CBD for Anxiety-Based Disorders

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The recent interest in CBD and the positive effects it may produce has led to more research in the field to determine just what CBD may do to help with some well-known maladies. Further, due to the recent COVID19 pandemic, the demand for CBD products is at an all time high. Anxiety disorders, fear, and depression are some of the problems that many people face that they seek help. Could CBD help with these common problems? Let’s find out.

We took a look at some significant case studies regarding CBD and whether it might help manage fear in select patients for whom other treatments failed. Here are the results of these case studies. Each of the case studies referenced here addresses a different type of anxiety or phobia-induced disorder that has been shown to improve with the regular use of CBD.

However, it is important to remember that, like with any medication or supplemental health treatment, results will vary based upon the individual and other factors related to their individual health.

Case Study on Fear Management

Over 25 million people in the US experience PTSD and other problems that keep them from living a normal life and enjoying their lives. A group of researchers at the University of Parana, the University of Sao Paulo, and the Federal University of Santa Catarina conducted a study to find out if CBD could help with this.


In the study, 277 rats were given a small dose of CBD immediately after receiving an electrical shock. The results were encouraging. The rats that were treated with immediate treatment of CBD after the fear experience showed a much-improved reaction to fear-producing elements shortly after that.  These results were encouraging because it showed a clear correlation between the CBD and the decreased fear-inducing experience.

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This is a breakthrough if this same type of reaction could be experienced by humans, who are considered to be similar in their fear reactions to rats. In the final analysis, CBD was found to disrupt the generalization of memories of fear when it was administered immediately after the fear-producing experience. In this particular study, it is interesting to note that the timing was important. When CBD was introduced shortly after the fear-producing experience, the fear was reduced in future events. Delaying the administration of the CBD did not seem to produce the same effect on the subjects studied. 

However, this does not mean that CBD cannot help promote a general feeling of relaxation among users. It just means that, when given immediately after a fear-producing experience, CBD has an apparent calming effect that can reduce fear based on an association of the calming effect and the incident when CBD is introduced.

Public-Speaking Anxiety Case Study

In another study conducted by a research group on CBD effects, they decided to study Glossophobia, a fear of public speaking, that is quite common among people who engage in this activity. Even well-known public figures say that they feel a sense of foreboding or anxiety before giving a speech. A double-blind study was done that involved 60 people (both male and females) between the ages of 18 and 35. 

The subjects were put into five different groups who received either a placebo or a dosed CBD in units of 100, 300, or 900 mg. Additionally, some of the subjects were given a known panic disorder drug, Clonazepam, to see if it was more or less effective than CBD. 

For the experiment, each participant was told to give a speech in front of the others after they filled out a form about anxiety. Additionally, they had to have their blood pressure and heart rates taken as a baseline to see which element would be the most helpful.


The results of this study were interesting. As expected, the prescription drug, Clonazepam was the winner because it consistently reduced public speaking anxiety more than the placebos or CBD. However, CBD at a dosage of 300 mg, significantly reduced anxiety in public speaking for the subjects.

One of the scientists, Antonio Zuardi, who led the study, reported that CBD did produce a positive response when given in higher amounts. He added that “These findings illustrate the importance of dosage amounts when considering the positive therapeutic effects of CBD.”

Looking at this one study is informative, but the more impactful application is the idea that CBD may do more than just manage public speaking anxiety. It may be an excellent alternative medicine treatment for neuroses such as generalized anxiety disorder or panic disorder.

cbd for anxiety

Panic Disorder Case Study

In a separate study regarding panic attack and panic disorder, a condition that creates a sense of “fight or flight” and increases heart rate, blood pressure, and fear in subjects, Soares and Campos conducted a study to discover the potential therapeutic effects of CBD for these people. 

In this study, the above authors analyzed information from previous studies on both humans and animals to determine the positive effects of cannabinoids and CBD. They addressed the issue of anxiety in public speaking as well as a variety of contexts that involved stimulation in the brain in potentially frightening situations. Their research seemed to point to the idea that CBD was a promising treatment for panic disorders.

It is estimated that 355 million people suffer from panic attacks and panic disorder. Can you imagine the impact it would make on people’s lives if CBD can help them to calm down their panic attacks or at least make them less severe? 

This study, like many others that are currently being done on CBD and its effects on panic, anxiety, depression, and many other neuroses and even psychoses, is perhaps just the beginning of the discoveries that will be revealed in time.

While the research on CBD and its actual effects is still unclear and inconclusive, the recent studies that have been done on this interesting substance have sparked a growing interest in the potential for people who suffer from all types of anxiety disorders and other physical and mental illnesses.

How CBD Works in the Body

Remember that CBD works by simply releasing the homeostasis (balance) of the body by communicating with the natural ECS receptors that already exist all over the body. Because there are so many of these receptors, this may explain why CBD seems to help so many health issues, including those related to anxiety and brain disorders.

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Discover the potential value of CBD yourself by looking into further information on your own. Now that it is legal in almost every state, there are fewer restrictions on its use than has been true in the past.

There are a multitude of CBD products available on the market today, including oils, capsules, oral sprays and gummies. The choices can sometimes be confusing and overwelming.

If you are new to CBD, we recommend reading our article, Finding the Best CBD Oil and Brand for Your Overall Health, for some helpful tips in finding the best CBD product for you.

Legal Disclaimer

It is important to note that the research is still relatively new regarding CBD and its effects on panic disorder and other anxieties in humans. Like with any supplement, consult with your doctor is you take any medications that might cause the CBD to interfere with their effect and to determine how much is a safe level for you.

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