Two Under-the-Radar Products to Achieve the Best CBD Benefits

There are numerous product forms available for using CBD. Of the many product types for consideration, traditional CBD oil tinctures, gummies, vape pens, and topical creams have been the most popular for consumers. However, there are two lesser-known CBD products that have been gaining in popularity as of late. Both have their own unique advantages over other products and might even be more effective in delivering all the benefits CBD has to offer. In this article, we will discuss two, under-the-radar products you can use to achieve the best CBD benefits.

Oral CBD Sprays

Oral CBD Spray

Oral sprays are a convenient and discreet method of using CBD. Similar to a CBD tincture, an oral spray will deliver the CBD sublingually and its effects will be felt within 15-20 minutes, if not sooner. Some higher potency sprays take advantage of atomized, nano CBD particles to maximize bioavailability of the product so that effects can be felt quicker,.

The main advantages to using an oral CBD spray are their small size and portability, as well as ease of use in taking your dose. You don’t have to worry about measuring out dosage with a dropper. With an oral spray all you have to do is spray one or two pumps under your tongue or onto the inside of your cheeks, depending on the dosage you’re taking.

SWIFT Sublingual CBD Spray

SWIFT Sublingual CBD Spray

SWIFT sublingual CBD spray was created for the sole purpose to maximize the bioavailability of CBD consumed in the body. SWIFT CBD spray is formulated from pure CBD isolate and is atomized and broken down into tiny particles that can be easilyand rapidly absorbed through the lining of your mouth.  This allows the CBD to more efficiently bypass the metabolization and digestive processes which traditional CBD tinctures and methods must undergo and provides a far more effective product. 

CBD Patches

best CBD patch

CBD patches offer many unique benefits over other forms of delivering CBD. However, the main advantage of using a CBD patch is that it delivers a longer, more sustained dosage of CBD that can last up to 3 days.

Patches are discreet and barely noticeable and can be worn underneath clothing which means you won’t have to take a break from your normal routine to take an oil or apply a lotion to an inflamed area. You can simply set it and forget about it, while experiencing multi day relief while on the go.

Pure Ratios Transdermal Resevoir Patch

Pure Ratios CBD Patch
Pure Ratios CBD Transdermal Patch

Pure Ratios Transdermal Resevoir Patch  combines the healing effects of CBD oil with the calming and restorative benefits of avocado oil and coconut oil into one package.  Chemical-free and waterproof, Pure Ratio claims their patch lasts longer than any other patch on the market.

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