How the Medical Community Views CBD Oil

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You’ve probably heard a lot lately about CBD oil. That’s because this chemical compound, derived from the hemp cannabis plant, has recently been legalized due to its possible medicinal benefits. 

The medical community has utilized the products of the marijuana plant in different ways over the years to help reduce pain and inflammation, as well as to give patients the calming effects of the marijuana plant. Now that CBD is legalized, there is more freedom in terms of doctors possibly prescribing it for patients who would benefit from its qualities.

Dr. David Allen, M.D., who is a retired Harvard-educated medical doctor and cardiac surgeon, stated that the endocannabinoid system was discovered about 30 years ago, but the medical community did not yet understand the significance of their discovery back then. It is a chemical reaction that he compared to the hormone system of the body.

He stated that “the discovery of the ECD element is now considered the single most important medical discovery ever,” because it would likely save thousands of more lives than surgery ever could. 

Allen stakes his reputation on this claim and as a cardiac surgeon stands by his claim that CBD can help heart health to a great degree if taken responsibly and especially when combined with a healthy lifestyle.

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How does it work so well?

The fact that CBD creates natural homeostasis in the body is the most significant aspect of CBD’s medicinal qualities. Unlike the pure marijuana plant that contains the psychoactive component of THC (the ingredient that gets you “high”), CBD contains none of this element. So there is no risk of harmful effects due to THC such as a delay in judgment or aberrant behaviors that are associated with THC. 

The key to understanding the benefits of CBD oil is to know how there are natural receptors known as ECDs that naturally interact with CBD. 

Dr. Rob

Another physician, Dr. “Rob” who has a website focusing on the value of CBD, stated that there are now over 1200 peer review websites dealing with the topics surrounding the medicinal use of marijuana via CBD oil and derivatives. Dr. Rob noted that the research being done on CBD is exciting for the medical community due to the various number of benefits from CBD and the possible help it offers for epilepsy as well as pain relief, stress reduction, and the anti-inflammatory ingredients. 

Dr. Allen Shackleford

Dr. Allen Shackleford, MD and a Harvard-trained physician who lives in the state of Colorado, gives prescriptions for medical marijuana. He believes in the value of CBD oil as a stabilizing agent in the body and has seen remarkable improvements in his practice with his patients who have taken CBD oil.

Generalized Social Anxiety Disorder

Generalized anxiety and social anxiety disorder are neuroses that affect a large number of people today. CBD has been found to possibly increase the level of confidence and lower the level of pervasive social anxiety, especially in subjects who were open to the idea of its effectiveness. Some patients were given a placebo, and there was no apparent effect among these patients when compared to the CBD group that had a noticeable change in their levels of anxiety in this particular study. The results suggest that CBD may reduce anxiety in people suffering from chronic SAD (social anxiety disorder) or other depressive or anxiety-based disorders when given in appropriate amounts. The medicinal explanation for this is that CBD seems to act on the limbic and paralimbic brain areas by connecting the brain receptors and creating a positive emotive effect in many people.

The above study was performed by the Department of Neurosciences and Behavior, Division of Psychiatry, a respected research team operating out of Brazil. This is just another example of how CBD has helped some patients with neurological or emotional issues by using the natural ECD reaction within the body to create homeostasis.

How CBD May Help You

If you are on the fence about using CBD, we encourage you to do your research to discover the opinions of other medical professionals who use CBD for their patients. While the research is still relatively new, many medical professionals state that they believe CBD helps their patients in ways that traditional medicine, treatments, or surgical techniques cannot do by using the body’s natural Endocannabinoid system to give it the boost it needs to create a balance or “homeostasis” in the body.

Because CBD contains none of the harmful effects of THC like those that are found in “weed,” or marijuana, you will not get any “high” off of CBD. Instead, CBD is derived from the part of the plant that focuses on feeding the ECS receptors in various parts of your body. For many people, this results in improved physical symptoms, and it may produce the pain relief and other positive effects that you are looking for.

One doctor who was interviewed about CBD’s effects stated that the discovery of the separation of THC from the natural health benefits of cannabis is what has produced CBD oil. In other words, you get only the healthy part of the plant without the harmful effects.

Anti-Inflammatory Characteristics

Most of the medical community believes the biggest value of CBD is its ability to act as an anti-inflammatory ingredient in the body.  

While no conclusive claims can be made regarding the exact effects of CBD oil or derivatives, there is no doubt that it appears to have helped thousands of people already with various health issues and has improved their outlook on life since it seems to reduce pain and inflammatory effects of various conditions.

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