15 CBD Products To Make Your Work Day Better and More Productive

cbd for stress and anxiety

An ever growing number of people are using CBD in their daily lives. According to a recent gallup survey, 1 in 7 Americans are taking CBD for some form of self-care or health benefit. CBD has become widely touted for its anti-inflammatory properties and purported effectiveness in relieving pain and anxiety. Last year’s passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, which legalized the cultivation and sale of hemp at the federal level, thrust CBD productcs into the mainstream as they are now widely available online and in many retail stores.

Often, the the daily grind of our job, with its accompanying demands to getting work done quickly and on time, can lead to both physical and mental distress for working individuals. With this in mind, it is plausible to consider a use case for the benefits of CBD in the workplace. In this article, we will explore the potential benefits of using CBD products to make your work day better and more productive.

What is CBD?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a chemical compound derived the cannabis plant. CBD is just one of over 100 different compounds, or cannabinoids, found in cannabis. Unlike the other well known cannabinoid, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC, the primary intoxicating element in marijuana ), CBD is not psychoactive. This means that CBD will not produce a “high” or change a person’s state of mind.

CBD is a naturally occurring substance that’s used in products such as oils and edibles to elicit a feeling of relaxation and calm. Further, anecdotal evidence suggests that CBD can be used to help manage chronic pain.

The exact reasons as to the how and why CBD works in the body is still under debate. However, the common belief is that CBD interacts with our body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), a regulatory system made up of naturally occurring receptors and enyzmes that work to help maintain homeostasis, or stability, in the body,

Now that we’ve learned about what CBD is, let’s explore its positive effects and some related products that may be of potential benefit to those in their daily work routine.

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CBD for a morning energy boost

Many of us dread the morning routine of our daily lives. Whether it’s getting the kids ready for school and on the bus, driving that long commute to the office, or simply just getting out of our warm beds, it can be difficult to get ourselves moving and motivated each day.

Many people start their day with a caffeinated cup of Joe but what about a morning dose of CBD?

A popular myth concerning CBD is that it is a powerful sedative. It’s true that when taken in large doses, CBD can cause drowsiness. However, in small to moderate doses, CBD can be invigorating and provide a boost to your energy levels and help keep you mentally alert. Infact, a 2014 study found evidence to support CBD as a natural wake-inducing agent.

CBD has the strong potential to act as a natural stimulant and help you sustain healthy energy levels throughout the day. Consider starting your day with a small dose of CBD to help kickstart your morning and get yourself energized for the day ahead.

Try these products to wake up and feel energized …

CBD Pure Hemp Oil 300

CBD Pure’s Hemp Oil 300 is high-quality, full spectrum CBD oil which contains 15mg of cannabidiol per serving to supercharge your overall health and well-being. Use sublingually under the tongue each morning or add to your favorite beverage or breakfast smoothie.

cbd pure cbd oil

Pinnacle Hemp Full Spectrum CBD Infused Coffee

Try brewing a cup of this delicious coffee from Pinnacle Hemp to get a daily dose of CBD and your morning going in the right direction.

Inifnite CBD Non-Dairy Creamer

Stir a tablespoon of this CBD creamer into your favorite coffee and you’ll get an extra boost of energy. Available from Infinite CBD in French Vanilla and Hazlenut flavors

cbd coffee creamer

Help to lift morning brain fog

Even when you are up and moving around in the morning, we can still find ourselves distracted or unable to concentrate on making headway on our daily to-do lists. Or consider the afternoon lull – we’ve all been there. A busy morning of meetings and work, lunch with your colleagues and then you return to your desk and start to feel that afternoon slump.

Ongoing research suggests taking CBD may allow more serotonin to flow into your brain and interact with the receptors involved in regulating our mood, calming the mind and improving cogntive functions. These cumulative effects can potentially improve your concentration and more effectively help you complete whatever tasks you may have throughout your day .

Regain your sense of focus with these products …

Charlotte’s Web Calm CBD Gummies

Charlotte’s Calm gummies help support a sense of calm, increased focus and relaxation with a botanical blend of lemon balm, L-theanine and whole-plant hemp extract. Perfect and convenient to bring on the go, these can be taken discreetly whenever you need to counter stress and calm your mind.

charlottes web calm cbd gummies

Everyday Optimal CBD Gum

Gum is a perfect way of taking CBD due to its maximum bioavailability over other methods. When you chew the gum, more of the CBD will gradually be absorbed in the bloodstream over an extended period of time. Sugar free and zero calories, this product is a discreet and convenient way to get a dose of CBD when you need increased focus and concentration.

cbd gum

JustCBD Honey Sticks

We love these CBD infused honey sticks from Just CBD. These are great as a snack by themselves or can be used in your morning or afternoon tea. Each stick contains 10mg of CBD and all natural honey.

Relief from job related pains

Millions of people suffer from work related pains everyday which can negatively impact not only an individual’s quality of work but also other aspects of their life including physical, psychological and social. A recent survey on work place stress found that 62% of its respondents reported experiencing end of day neck pain. The same survey also reported that many workers suffered from some form of back pain and 13% reported headaches due to occupational pressures.

Recover from aches and pains with these products …

CBDMEDIC Back and Neck Pain Relief Ointment

Perfect for lower and upper back muscle soreness or neck and shoulder strains, CBDMEDIC’s powerful CBD topical will bring quick pain relief.

Blue Ridge Hemp Co CBD Roll On Bundle

This CBD infused and essential oils roll on bundle is the perfect set for relieving all types of pains including muscle soreness, joint pain, and headaches. Easy to apply and fast relief!

cbd for pain

Foria CBD Basics Suppositories

Well, maybe not exactly a job related pain but it’s certainly no picnic to have your period during the workday. These CBD suppositories from Foria help to relieve menstrual pain and may provide you some timely relief if you need to get through the work day when your period hits.

cbd for period

Help to reduce anxiety and improve mood

Stress and anxiety can have negative impacts in the workplace. A recent paper found that the annual loss of productivity because of mental health issues among workers cost U.S. businesses $4.1 billion annually. Additionally, a study lead by the World Health Organization (WHO), estimated that without worldwide improvements to mental health care, 12 billion working days will be lost to depression and anxiety through 2030.

With our hectic daily schedules and life demands, many of us can easily be distracted or feel stressed, anxious and overwhelmed with things. When you are dealing with anxiety or feeling overly stressed, your ability to focus on anything aside from your negative state of mind is greatly compromised.

CBD has been show to help with anxiety. A 2011 study found a positive effect for CBD when used to reduce anxiety experienced during public speaking. Additionally, a review analysis of over 40 existing studies concluded that CBD could be an effective way to combat a multitude of different anxiety type disorders including generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, obsessive–compulsive disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Additionally, CBD has a calming and relaxing effect which helps to improve one’s mood. Any work environment can quickly become hectic and even toxic at times. CBD may help to put your mind in a better state to counter these difficult and challenging situations.

Try these products to ease an anxious mind …

Foria Flow CBD Vaporizer

Foria’s Flow vaporizer pen is a fast and convenient way to deliver an enjoyable dose of CBD. Perfectly sized to slip into your purse or pocket, this is a sophisticated vape pen for women that will help to lighten and improve your mood

foria cbd vaporizer

Pure Hemp Shop CBD Anti-Stress & Relaxation Oral Spray

Relief from stress and anxiety is only a spray away. A unique way to get your CBD – simply spray up to 6 sprays in your mouth daily as needed. Each bottle contains 60mg of CBD and is available in a tasty Berry flavor.

Plus CBDoil Gold Formula Soft Gels

Plus CBDoil soft gels are a great way to take CBD if you dislike the taste of CBD oils. These CBD soft gels are fast acting and absorbed in the body quicker than traditional capsules. Each soft gel contains 15mg of CBD.

plus cbd oil soft gel capsules

Get a more restful night’s sleep

Sleep is an essential part of our health. If we don’t get an average of 6-8 hours of sleep each night, we run the risk of being irritable the next day at work and not functioning to our optimal potential. Getting the right amount of consistent sleep is important in helping our bodies re-energize, reduce risks of heart disease, improve our concentration, and help us maintain healthy weight levels.

Some studies suggest that CBD may help with common sleep disorders such as insomnia, and aid in regulating our sleep patterns to improve our overall quality of sleep. Similar to how it interacts with our ECS to mitigate pain, CBD triggers specific receptors in the body that govern our sleep and wake cycle.

However, the main reason that CBD is beneficial for sleep is that it alleviates the conditions that delay and disrupt sleep. Specifically, stress, anxiety and pain. Because CBD can help calm the mind of anxious thoughts and help you feel more relaxed, it may help those with sleep disorders to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

Relax and sleep better with these products …

CBDistillery CBD Nighttime Gummies

Take one of these CBD gummies from CBDistillery and feel a relaxing, sigh of relief overtake you. Made from pure CBD isolate and combined with melatonin – enjoy the benefits of CBD with 0% THC while getting a good night’s rest.

CBD Living Dark Chocolate Bar

These dark cholocate bars from CBD Living contain 120mg of CBD per bar, or 15mg of full spectrum CBD per chocolate square. Have one of these chocolate squares before bedtime and you’ll be sleeping like a baby. Also available in milk chocolate.

cbd chocolate

CBDfx Lavender Night Time Face Mask

Rehydrate your skin and drift off to sleep in luxury with CBDfx’s Lavender CBD Face Mask. This gently soothing facial product promotes healthy skin in a calming way. Containing 20mg of broad-spectrum CBD, this face mask will help relax you and have you waking up feeling rested and your skin refreshed.

cbdfx cbd face mask

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