CBD For Women’s Everyday Living

Guest post by Shanta Devourn

With CBD showing up in just about every product imagineable, how do you even begin to know which ones are worthwhile and work? These products range from cosmetics to bath bombs to fizzy beverages and chocolate.

Claiming to eliminate stress and aid every condition under the sun, which ones might actually be useful for you? Read on as we learn about which CBD products for women might be best for incorporating into your everyday living.

Understanding CBD

The cannabis plant comprises of a full host of beneficial chemical compounds known as phytocannabinoids. Cannabidiol (CBD) is just one of the hundreds of phytocannabinoids found exclusively within the cannabis plant. Each of these cannabinoids has unique set of therapeutic qualities, with CBD being at the forefront and receiving the most attention at the moment.

Studies have demonstrated CBD to be an effective analgesic, antiemetic, and anti-inflammatory agent. Also, it has been attested to effectively help manage pain and symptoms such as anxiety and sleep related issues.

Experts have found that CBD’s effectiveness is due to a natural system called the endocannabinoid system that is located within the body. CBD has a sort of stabilizing effect on the nervous system, acting naturally and synergistically with the body. 

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CBD oil in your morning routine

When mornings begin to feel more like they are pushing us instead of the other way around, our resolution has perpetually been to formulate a method. Fusing CBD into our daily habit can become a staple that assists to keep us fresh and stay calm and assembled when facing the day.

CBD can help start the day with a smile and put you on the right foot for whatever is in store. Adding CBD oil to your morning cup of tea or coffee can help perk you up, while also soothing a distracted mind so that you’re in a sounder headspace when work stressors start rushing at you. 

If the taste of CBD oil in your morning beverage is not appealing to you, try taking CBD in a capsule form or by eating a gummie. CBD gummies have become quite popular as they make it very convenient and easy to get a proper dose of CBD in a tasty treat.

CBD beauty products for skincare

The skincare industry has embraced the benefits that CBD can have on a woman’s skin, and therefore, has begun including it in numerous facial and beauty products. That’s because CBD works as an antioxidant, helping to reduce damage to the skin that’s produced by free radicals, which induces premature aging of the skin. CBD is useful to the skin in nearly the same ways as vitamins C and E.

Nearly all of us women want that youthful and glowing face back. Adding CBD creams or balms to your beauty routine can boost the antioxidant potential of your daily regimen. It will add an extra layer of protection against wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots.

Plus, if you’re someone who battles breakouts, CBD topicals can also be used as a blemish treatment since it has robust antibiotic properties. There are CBD products on the market which can help diminish acne spots and ezcema that are caused by inflammation and skin problems.

CBD topicals and patches for muscle soreness

Enduring post-workout muscle soreness or fretful joints? You guessed it; CBD might be another powerful aid in your fitness and recovery routine. CBD has been shown to promote a healthy inflammatory response and support to cool down stressed muscles. Apply CBD topicals or patches on the skin for targeted effects after an exercise or body workout for total benefits.

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CBD for mid-day slowdown

It’s another afternoon workday, you’re back from lunch and trying to get back into your work routine, but your mind feels hazy, and you’re having difficulty staying focused. CBD has properties that can help quiet your mind with clarity and focus, so you can sharpen on the task in front of you rather than worrying about your long to-do list. You could try products like CBD mints, gum or even CBD drink powders that can easily mixed in your water bottle. All of these types of products are portable and convenient for you to use discreetly at work or on the go.

Relaxing with CBD infused drinks as an alternative to alcohol

CBD infused drinks are great for when you want to be social, but you don’t feel like drinking alcohol. Or during the week, instead of pouring a glass of wine, pour a sparkling tonic beverage that has CBD in it, so you get that feeling of relaxing and treating yourself, but without the toxins.  CBD beverages are becoming very popular and make for an ideal way to enjoy your social gatherings and ensure a good night’s relaxation.

Final thoughts

Like with every decision about your wellness, it’s necessary to ignore the hype and begin with yourself. Whether you need to treat pain or stress, manage skin issues or just want to feel and look better, finding and defining a high-quality CBD product depends on recognizing the condition you want to manage.

The effects of CBD can be exceptional, but they are complex. If you want to try CBD , you should always first consult your physician. Further, it’s necessary to start slow and commit to practicing it for at least a month. Try to listen to your body’s response and regulate your dosage along the way. By the end of that session, stop, look, hear, and see how you feel.

Just as with a lot of natural therapies, there is no all-around recipe that will work for every woman. CBD is not a miracle cure but it can help to restore the body to its natural state of health and wellbeing. A benefit that every woman deserves and should want as part of their everyday living.

Shanta Devourn

A multipotentialite who loves to create possibilities in terms of her writings. Shanta supports educational awareness in online platforms.  She believes in the saying “Understanding other viewpoints are enhanced when done so through outspoken synergy with those who have a different perspective as long as the situation is secure, and the idea is well-crafted”


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