Different Ways To Consume CBD

The explosive popularity in CBD has resulted in a variety of ways to consume it. As people from all walks of life find uses for the hemp and cannabis-derived chemicals, the need for convenient ways to consume CBD has spurred an assortment of innovative products. From topicals to edibles, below is a comprehensive list of the different ways to consume CBD.

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The traditional way to ingest any hemp or cannabis-based product is through inhalation or smoking. Since many U.S. states have started legalizing marijuana recreationally, it’s become much easier to find specific strains of marijuana that contain high levels of CBD. Nowadays there are several ways CBD can be smoked.

Smoking hemp or high-CBD marijuana flower is the tried-and-true method of consumption. Inhaling the combusted plant will get the cannabinoids into your bloodstream the fastest, giving you the effects within minutes as opposed to waiting up to an hour or two for edibles or capsules to be digested.

Additionally, CBD can be extracted into an oil and loaded into a vape pen for a more efficient smoke. Due to the precise way a vape pen heats the CBD oil, the product becomes far more potent, which means more noticeable effects. Vape pens are also conveniently portable and can be slipped into your pocket and taken on the go. But if vape pens still aren’t potent enough for you, you can also try CBD concentrated into waxes or “shatters”. This potent form of CBD extraction needs to be “dabbed” into smoke vapor using superheated apparatuses.

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The most popular method for consuming CBD is through tinctures. Tinctures were one of the first CBD products to appear on the market due to their ease of use, potency, and quick activation time. Some research has shown that tinctures make CBD more readily available to the body as well. This is great for people who are using CBD to quickly ease anxiety or pain.

Tinctures usually come with a dropper that will allow you to precisely measure out an appropriate dosage. The CBD oil can be dropped onto food or into your favorite hot beverage, such as tea. It can also be taken sublingually (under the tongue).

Since tinctures do not produce strong aromas or smoke, they’re a good method for people who prefer discretion. The high concentration of CBD within tinctures also make them an efficient way to obtain relaxation and anti-anxiety benefits.


Another way to consume CBD is through topicals. Topicals are creams or lotions that can be applied to the skin for absorption. This is good for targeted relief such as to reduce pain in a specific area of the body.

Topicals typically require a high amount of CBD content and generous application in order for it to be absorbed into the skin properly. It is recommended to apply the cream or lotion to the targeted area multiple times throughout the day in order to obtain its benefits. CBD creams and lotions are usually mixed with other chemicals and fragrances to increase their appeal as beauty products.

CBD-based products are also creeping into the hair-care category. Shampoos infused with CBD are quickly becoming a popular addition to beauty regimens. Many people have reported benefits such as scalp moisturizing, color retention, environmental protection, and growth stimulation.

Transdermal Patches

Similar to topicals, transdermal patches are another way to absorb CBD straight through the surface of your skin as opposed to oral consumption. Unlike most topicals, however, transdermal patches are far more efficient at penetrating the skin and entering the bloodstream. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to relieve targeted pain, then transdermal patches are the way to go. While creams and lotions may need to be applied generously and frequently for lasting effects, transdermal patches offer all-day benefits with just a single dosage.

Transdermal patches work by utilizing “permeation enhancers” which coax the CBD chemicals out of the patch and carry them safely through the skin’s natural defenses. This gradual, direct method to CBD consumption is what makes it longer lasting than more traditional methods of ingestion.


Taking pills is easily the most popular method for drug delivery in the health world, so it’s not surprising that CBD is also offered in pill form. This method of delivery is discreet and can be implemented into your daily supplement regimen.

CBD capsules are made by extracting the oil of cannabis or hemp plants and injecting that into gel capsules. Digesting pills and capsules are a slow metabolic process. This means that the effects of the CBD will last longer than smoking or vaporizing it.


Ingesting cannabis-derived products in the form of edibles is nothing new, and is possibly one of the most fun ways to do so. CBD is popularly infused into all sorts of digestible products such as gummies, drinks, and chocolates. Edibles are obviously smokeless, so they offer a form of discretion that is still much desired in today’s recreational climate. They are also long-lasting, so fewer doses are required throughout the day. For those of us with a sweet tooth, edibles offer a fun way to consume CBD as a tasty snack. Sugar-coated gummies and milk chocolates can be found in just about any recreational shop.

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CBD-infused beverages are becoming quite popular as well. Everything from water, to sodas and kombucha, can be dosed with CBD which opens up a wide range of opportunities to ingest this magical chemical. You can add CBD oils and medicinal syrups to your water bottle and drink it over time. Many alcohol companies offer CBD-infused seltzers, and some companies want to infuse beer and wine with the chemical as well. Use extreme caution when consuming CBD with alcoholic beverages however, as the combination of the two could produce enhanced sedative effects.

These are all of the ways the wildly popular CBD can be taken. Each method will depend on your personal preference. Make sure that you are consuming CBD according to all safety labels on the products themselves. Additionally, consult your physician before adding CBD to your daily regimen to rule out any side effects with existing medications you may be taking.

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